uitgesteld!! Women Divine Dance journey into Love & Freedom

7 oktober 2020 @ 19:30 – 21:00
Women Divine Dance journey into Love & Freedom
21 – 28 oktober / 25 nov / 2 dec / ? / ?  ~ 19.30-21h
2021 sessions: dates will be anounced as soon as they are available!
due to the current lockdown sessions cannot be scheduled until Feb 9!
more info will follow in the week prior to Feb 9!!
* possible to attend per session *
**please be on time**
beautiful woman
we are all powerful & magical beings
we are divine essence, our body is our temple
we are on the path of returning home to our true nature
this is an invitation ~ creating a sacred space
to come home in your beautiful body, to meet your ancient wisdom, your inner Goddesses, to dance to your own rhythm, to dance into your infinite nature, your divinity
to let your energy flow
to feel alive
to embrace all of you in JOY
to find your freedom, love & power
to awaken & remember who you truly are
welcome to ground and meet yourself in your dance ~ to unravel, to twirl, to silence, to freely express, to embody
with your barefoot, your wild hair, your free dance
our body is our temple
our dance is our prayer
❤ we will start with deepening our breath, awaken our beautiful bodies, connect with our womb, free our hips, tuning in to the Divine Feminine and the Divine Goddess Archetype. this dance we will connect with Aphrodite. the Goddess of love, creativity, beauty, sensuality.
❤ beautiful soulful music will then invite you to freely dance, breathe, express.
letting it all flow, being birthed in the moment, surrender to your dance
❤ together we will close the session through chanting, go into our silence, soften on the earth
coming together ~ giving space to our true self & eachother
to dance our own dance, discover ourselves through our dance
to meet eachother in the dance of freedom, love & truth
to celebrate ourselves & eachother ❤
wonderful to meet eachother in this dance of love & freedom
please invite women you know
through this dance we will let the LOVE SPREAD out.. a contribution to a new world arising in love, light, freedom & truth
when women come together, magic happens ✨
per session: 18 euro
?????save the dates ❤
Wednesdaynight 28 oktober / 25 nov / 2 – 16 dec / ?? jan ~ 19.30-21h
special devotion: connecting with Divine Archetypes
21Oct ~ the Divine Mother ~ Isis
28Oct ~ the Lover ~ Aphrodite
25Nov ~ the Wild Woman ~ Kali
2Dec ~ the Tantric Priestess ~ Maria Magdalena
?? ~ the Wise Woman ~ Sophia
?? ~ Shakti Queen ~ Shakti
we dance in a beautiful space with velvet curtains & wooden floor
a free & abundant space, which feels like a womb
Den Dullaert, Sportlaan 24, Hulst
on beforehand!!
Please mail me if you will be there ❤
What to wear / bring
Clothes in which you feel beautiful & free
Please bring a bottle of water, soft blanket, a wild flower, candle in glass
Love to see you
❤ Marjon
Sacred Feminine Dance
Nia® Body & Soul dance

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