Sensual Sacred Feminine dance

Welkom dear women

♥ to celebrate all of you
♥ to intuitively lead your life, following your heart’s guidance, the path of joy
♥ to step into your power

wekelijks: Sensual Women's dance journeys. Stuur me een mailtje bij interesse!
deze worden binnenkort weer ingepland
events: Check de agenda voor de planning.

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You will epxerience
 ❊ TEMPLE PRACTICES: Embracing our bodies, feelings, strength, beauty, our feminine nature. We enter more deeply into our divine female bodies; our sensuality; wombs, our healing energy, our wisdom. We will open up to the connection to our divine self. Through breathing, touching, stretching, free flow of movement
FEMININE SACRED DANCE: Holistic dance celebrating the power of the feminine. Which heals & honors our feminine body, mind, emotions & soul. Deeply connecting with your Womb & Heart. Creative freedom & expression.
DIVINE FREE FLOW DANCE JOURNEY: we will go on a journey and enter a mysterious realm where all is welcomed and felt and expressed true the body. Becoming real with it and allowing it to guide us into our true nature, our rhythm. Allowing ourselves.. to be danced by the wild dance of the moment. We will meet from our Divine Essence with eachother
OPENING YOUR SACRED VOICE: We will deepen in our song, open in our body. Sounding & Chanting. Grounding fully in your body, belly, breath & Mother Earth
SACRED SPACE: We are creating a sacred space to tune into your inner self. Sharing & speaking beyond words, through our eyes, sounds, movement, energy, being.  Respecting ourselves and eachother. Connecting from our true essence ♥
We dansen in een sacred space, een veilige omgeving, met respect voor jezelf en voor elkaar; ruimte voor wat is; self~love, verbinden, genieten. Wild, Free, Divine 

from heart to heart ❊ from soul to soul