Divine dance ritual * Kundalini Dance journey

A beautiful dance & ritual & connection
into your true abundant nature & divine essence
It is time to bring your magic into this world, to shine, to fully love ❤

dance is your medicine ❤ your body is your temple
*** deep roots, free wings ***

Beautiful Soulful music inspiring you to surrender to your dance.

Welcome all souls to join. No experience needed

Kundalini Dance journey ❤

Kundalini Dance is a tantric, shamanic, sound, breath and movement practice. Kundalini is the serpent like, life force energy at the base of your spine, lying dormant. When this energy is awakened, you experience your energy in heightened, transcendental ways, awakening your untapped potential.

This is a magickal dance journey to discover yourself, your inner lover, your inner warrior, and your own healing ability, within the group field. Connecting with the energies of Earth, the Divine Feminine, and the Sky, the Divine Masculine, we come into balance, harmony, self love and wholeness.

We learn to embody the Sacred Union within, with others, and with life. When you truly love yourself, and become so aware of yourself, you deepen your understanding of life. Manifestation, serendipity, and magic, become the ‘norm’. Out of the mind, into the body and heart, and tapped into the flow of energy.

Your body knows what it needs to do to heal itself, so trust and let your body go with the rhythm of your breath and dance yourself awake. , Dance & clear blockages within your 7 energy centers, or Chakras. Dance and release yourself from the cultural trance. Dance and heal your soul. Dance and remember who you are. Dance and release that which you are not. Free your body and you free your mind and remember that you are Divine

We are embracing dance and our sexuality as gateways to a deeper union and soul connection with ourselves, each other and the Divine Source of Life.

When we dance, we let our feelings flow and the more we feel, the more the Divine Love streams through us, polishing the diamond of our souls.

Kundalini Dance is an ancient, future, tantric shamanic dance practice that blends the ancient Divine Feminine mystery teachings practiced by temple priestesses who were deeply and inherently connected to their womb wisdom and the alchemical power of sexual energy as a path to divine union with evolutionary transformational practices to help us navigate our inner territory. The Kundalini Dance practice is based on the tantric principles of the union of divine polarity. We specifically and directly commune with the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine principles of Divinity. The union of the Divine Mother’s earth energy and the solar, celestial masculine energy is the goal of this practice. Their union within our hearts increases our capacity to expand and receive Divine Love and Light.

* barefoot dancing * no chatting on the dancefloor * connecting through our hearts & souls * no pictures/filming/smoking

**𝓦𝓱𝔂 𝔀𝓮 𝓓𝓪𝓷𝓬𝓮**
To liberate ourself. Connect with our true essence, our divinity. We dance to remember who we truely are. We dance to let go, to release tension & let our energy flow. To soften into freedom, power, inner peace & infinity. The holy marriage of the feminine & masculine

❤ welcome to join into the Magic

into the power of being together with the same intention, with beautiful conscious people
to dance the new earth
with love