Rising of the Goddess ♡ Divine Temple Initiation Retreat ♡ Womb Love Ritual journey

30 juni 2024 @ 12:44 – 18:44

Welcome beautiful Goddess ♡ ♡ ♡ 
in this wonderFUL retreat 
Unleash your Wild, Divine & Free Nature ♡  into the GOLD

Let’s come together to UNLEASH, to BLOSSOM, to LOVE, to INSPIRE, to SHARE, to RECEIVE, to ENJOY, to CELEBRATE, to CONNECT, to PLAY, to LAUGH
Deeply connecting with Mother Earth, all elements of Nature & remember we ARE NATURE, we ARE DIVINE, we ARE LOVE
♡ welcome beautiful Goddess
this retreat is for YOU if you feel the YESS!
♡ rebirth your inner Fire
♡ to celebrate all of you
♡ express your deeper feminine gifts
♡ to intuitively lead your life, following your heart’s guidance, the path of joy
♡ live your Soul’s path

This day you will receive & share in ♡
Welcome Ritual
Ancient Temple Practices
Womb Ritual 13th Rite of the Munai Ki
Earth, Water & Fire Rituals
Body Temple Sacred Movement
Free Flow Dance Journey
Sacred Voice Singing
Closing Ritual
Evening Potluck

♡♡♡ Turn on your inner radiance, remember your soul’s path ♡♡♡

Ancient Temple Practices: We will open up to the connection to our divine self & eachother. Connecting from our true essence ♥ Allowing, embracing & giving birth to a fully expressed, divine, feminine essence. We explore & practice being empowered, free & deeply feminine. Being a whole, healthy and fully flowering woman that embodies the love that is her deepest essence.
❊ Womb Ritual 13th Rite of the Munai Ki: This Rite of the Womb connects us with a lineage of women that live life in beauty, power and integrity. It is an ancient and beautiful Amazone ritual. This rite honours and recognizes the primal mother and the goddess in each woman and brings all the elements in ourselves in balance. The energy of the initiation, which is a healing as well as a blessing, activates the female power. The rite of the womb is a strong and soft way that balances your womb of creation.” The female spirit of the Amazone jungle remembers us of a simple and essential truth: The womb is not a space to contain fear and pain, it is not a space of suffering. The womb is a place of Creation, Joy, Birth, Life. This female lineage brought us a gift from the jungle through the 13th rite of the Munay Ki (ancient initiations from Peru), being transmitted to every women. When you receive the initiation, you can share it with other women.
Earth, Water & Fire Rituals: cleansing, purifying, empowering, connecting, magick
❊ Body Temple Sacred Movement: Awakening in deeper connection, relaxation & love with your body. Freeing our body ~ in Shakti Flow. Embracing our bodies, feelings, strength, beauty, our feminine nature. We enter more deeply into our divine female bodies; our sensuality; wombs, our healing energy, our wisdom.
❊ Free Flow Dance Journey. We enter a mysterious realm where all is welcomed and felt and expressed. Guiding us into our true nature. Allowing ourselves to be danced by the wild dance of the moment.
Sacred Voice Singing: We will deepen in our song, open in our body. Sounding & Chanting. Softening your throat & letting the golden sounds move through

Our Temple this day will be at Magic Mother Earth (Magic ME)
in the Woods. A  paradise on earth, where we are embraced by Nature



🌹 Investering
❀ tickets t/m 13 juni: 66 euro
❀ tickets vanaf 14 juni: 77 euro
❀ tickets vanaf 27 juni: 88 euro
🌹 Vooraf inschrijven
Je reserveert jouw sacred space door een mail te sturen
naar marjon@dansdoorhetleven.com
We zijn met max 13 vrouwen
Je kunt aanmelden t/m 29 juni
🌹Genieten van

Zuiver Water
Verse Kruiden~thee
Vers Fruit
🌹 Waar we zijn
Magic Mother Earth (Magic ME) ♡ Re-Set Resort
in het Bos in Stekene
(je ontvangt het adres bij je inschrijving)

een paradijselijke plek op aarde, waar leylijnen (energielijnen) lopen, met verschillende mooie krachtplekken, labyrint, bamboe, bloemen, vuurplek, intieme binnenruimte, vijver, ecotoilet & meer
🌹 Overnachten
Het is mogelijk om te overnachten op de zalige plek bij Magick ME in de nacht voor en/of na de retreat!
Je kunt reserveren via Christa (hoedster van Magick Me) email:  Hip.christa.janssens@gmail.com
Mogelijkheden zijn je eigen tentje meenemen, in het Tiny House of in een Clamping tent.
Tinyhouse: airbnb.com/h/re-setresortmagicme (deze reserveren via de link!)
Luxe Glamping: gedeelde ruimte, buitendouche W/K water, eco-toilet. Incl. Beddengoed, handdoeken, helend drinkwater, elektriciteit, schoonmaak. €55 p.p. per nacht.
Eigen tent, camper €22 per nacht.
🌹 ❤ 🌹 welkom!!
full of love





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