Magickal Nature Spirit Dance Ceremony

1 mei 2022 @ 11:00 – 13:00
🔥💫✨ Sunday, May 1st ❤✨💫🔥 in Hulst
❤ * ❤ * ❤ at the day of Beltane & the New Moon Solar eclipse ❤ * ❤ * ❤
a magickal powerful day to dance & come together  ❤ 

we Dance! we awaken! we rebirth! into our fertile true nature ❤
welcome! to dance your magickal dance
❤ welcome to awaken into the magick & mystery of you, of life, of the earth, of the universe
surrendering to your magickal body temple, to the dance, to the light, to the music ❤ into our true nature
in Divine Flow * Sacred Ritual * we open, receive, connect.. into our Divine Medicine dance journey

* our divine inner feminine & masculine *

with Beltane we honor nature’s incredible fertile energy at this time of year, connect with our natural world on a deeper, more meaningful level. rebirthing ~ awakening

It is a time to celebrate the renewal of life and the coming fertility of summer

with this new moon we open into new beginnings… our heart’s desire ❤ trusting what the Universe is bringing ❤ surrender to divine flow..

we will create a powerful altar of sacred symbols from nature, crystals, light objects, flowers…

in a beautiful dancespace inside
Cultureel Centrum. Den Dullaert, Hulst
where we can spread our wings
with closing ritual <3 connecting in & with nature <3

Energetic investment: 23 euro

Included: herbal teas

welcome ❤

send me a mail to join & for more info!

love ❤ ❤

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