Full Moon Goddess dance in the Woods

21 augustus 2021 @ 18:44 – 22:00
heej beautiFUL Wom@n
you are very welcome to join us in the woods.. in the home & wisdom of nature
dancing with the magical Full Moon energy ❤ receiving all of her gifts
a Sensual Loving Sacred Wild & Free awakening dance ceremony into your true power, your magic & mysteries
your inner lioness, your loving powerful heart, your free flowing wisdom
deeply re-connecting with nature
This moon will remember you… to step into your infinite potential
The Aquarius Full Moon rising this weekend. With the sun in Leo. The elements of the wind & fire… dancing ^& playing together
A liberating feminine courageous moon.. There is wisdom in the air … 😉
Women are deeply connected with the rhythms of the moon. The full moon period is when a woman is at her strongest. When we tune in, we align to our natural rhythm, to the rhythm & blessings of nature. We liberate, we remember, we rise.. into our FULLness.
When women come together, magic happens..
Welcome beautiful Women, Sisters, Goddesses.. to dance with this powerful energy, weaving your magic.
In the sacred temple of nature, connecting with all elements, dancing barefoot on Mother Earth.
Connecting with the earth, into your sensual body, flowing like water, with the transformation power of fire, spreading your wings freely in the air. Dancing your healing dance, your dance of liberation, wisdom, joy, truth, LOVE. Purifying, freeing, embodying.. Dance is our medicine
Through our movement and dance we reconnect with our divine essence, our place of magic and mystic. We remember who we truly are.
We will come back home in our sensual body. Connecting with our body’s intelligence, womb wisdom, sensuality, joy, playfulness, beauty and power. Releasing tension, freeing, liberating.. letting our divine energy freely flow.. coming back into our free, wild, loving self! Our light and love.
The most beautiful gift we can give to ourself is feeling alive in our body!
@This evening we will enjoy in Divine Flow ❤
Sacred Shamanic Priestess Ritual
Sacred Selflove
Sensual awakening
Sacred movement, breath, voice
Conscious free sacred dancejouney
Magic & Mysteries dreamtime
Amazing music from around the world
Tea around the fire
@More about this Full Moon energies..
Under this August Full Moon, we can connect to the fuel that reminds us of our strength, our power, and our courage. We can connect to the fuel that created the rivers and the mountains and some of the greatest ancient civilizations.
We can connect to our ancestors, their voices, and their wisdom. We can connect to the life force that lives all around us and will continue to live on till the end of time.
There are strong cosmic currents linked to this Full Moon. It is a time of expansion, clarity, and honoring the changes within us. It is a time for making clear-cut decisions and for trusting our instincts.
It is also a time to remember that all your past triumphs and successes exist as energy. They surround you and support you, and are there to be used by you under the light of the Full Moon.
Tune in with that energy and recreate it in a new and better way. Tune in with that energy under the August Full Moon and use it to surrender to all that has gone, and to welcome the new chapter that patiently awaits. ~ Forever Concsiousness
Welcome around 18.44h to arrive in the space of the woods.
We will start the danceceremony at 19h.
Near the end we will move to the fireplace. Where we will have a closing ritual (sounds & dance) around the fire.
The Ceremony will end at around 21.44h We will close the evening sitting around the fire and enjoy fresh herbal tea, sharing sweets. You may ofcourse leave at any time..
to nurture our bodies:
-Fresh herbal tea
– blanket
– bottle of water
– cup for the tea
– a red or orange wide skirt or dress in which you feel free, beautiful, feminine
– symbols for the Full Moon altar
– a candle in a glass
– instrument if you wish
– some healthy sweets to share @ the tea-time
– anything else you need
28 euro
* adjusted investment for minimum income / student ticket (pm me for info)
Registration on beforehand
We will have a max. number of places!
please send me a PM or mail (marjon@dansdoorhetleven.com) to register
you will then receive further info
in a beautiful private woods
in Hamme (Belgie)
Feel free to invite your sisters
And if you have any questions please PM me
a loving & warm welcome
Marjon is gracefully guiding from her wisdom, heart & spirit. She is deeply connected with her body in sensuality, senses, joy… She creates a sacred space for women to connect with their divinity, passion, their beautiful body, to freely express themselves. To follow their inner divine flow. She connects with the beauty & power of nature.

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