Magickal Cosmic Full Moon Sacred Dance Ritual
okt 9 @ 11:00 – 13:00

welcome at this Magickal Cosmic dance

Celebrating our  divine being of  light, love, abundance

We are the Universe, we are Nature
Our Movement is our Meditation
Our Dance is our Medicine
Our Body is our Temple
letting our energy flow freely, soften our body temples, surrendering to our dance, to our inner Magick, to the Universal Celestial and the grounding Earth
we dance, we move, we sing, we surrender, we expand, we connect, we play, we breathe…
with sacred ritual dance, magickal cosmic dance ~ moving free, divine & abundant ~ ceremony, singing & making music circle
this beautiful full moon in Aries is bringing soothing, healing, and sweet energy to soften, to bring ease, and to remind us that life is meant to be both beautiful and messy.
Bring with you:
sacred symbols for the altar
music instruments
bottle of water
Location: De Clinch‚ s Gravenstraat 53, Clinge, NL
A bohemian place where artists, creative & free people come together
Registration via email:
a wonderful welcome ❤
love Marjon
let’s dance & celebrate the sacred & magick of life
Goddess dance bij de Vrouwencirkel in de Kirke Westdorpe
okt 21 @ 19:00 – 22:00

op vrijdagavond 28 okober deel ik een Goddess Dance workshop bij de
Vrouwencirkel in de Kerk Westdorpe (de Kirke)

georganiseerd door Kimmie Doppegieter

meer info volgt!


Women Temple Day
nov 17 @ 11:00 – 17:30

een vrouwen Tempeldag in de Kerk in Westdorpe (Nl)
om jezelf te vieren, te verwennen, te bewegen, verbinden, ont~moeten
in al jouw kracht & schoonheid, in jouw echtheid, zachtheid, liefde

more info will follow~~