Free Wild Spirit dance * Sacred Dance ceremony

A beautiful dance & ritual & connection
Liberating your free wild spirit
Liberating your body
Liberating your heart

into your true nature & divine essence
Ritual and Dance
✨✨✨Liberating your Wild & Free Spirit✨✨✨

a Sacred Dance into your true abundant nature ✨ your divine essence
a Dance devoted to Love, Light & Expansion
It is time to bring your magic into this world, to shine, to fully love ❤
❤ dance is our medicine ❤ our body our sacred temple
*** deep roots ❤ free wings ***
🔥 conscious dance ❤ breath 🔥 ritual ❤ connection 🔥 sacred movement ❤ voice 🔥 wisdom ❤ bliss 🔥 self~love ❤ magic
Welcome all souls to join. No experience needed
A dancejourney nourishing & connecting with your true nature, your divine flow, with love.
A body, heart & soul dance..
Finding your Magick
Connecting with the elements of nature. Remembering your Free Spirit, our dreams, ..
Beautiful Soulful music inspiring you to surrender to your dance.
Shamanic ritual ❤
Tune into our breath, awakening our body
Dive into our concsious dancejourney
Soften on the earthfloor
* barefoot dancing * no chatting on the dancefloor * connecting through our hearts & souls * no pictures/filming/smoking
**𝓦𝓱𝔂 𝔀𝓮 𝓓𝓪𝓷𝓬𝓮**
To liberate ourself. Connect with our true essence, our divinity. We dance to remember who we truely are. We dance to let go, to release tension & let our energy flow. To soften into freedom, power, inner peace & infinity. The holy marriage of the feminine & masculine

❤ welcome to join into the Magic

into the power of being together with the same intention, with beautiful conscious people
to dance the new earth
with love