Virgin Goddess New Moon dance in the Woods

9 september 2021 @ 12:44 – 16:44

🧚💃🌹Virgin Goddess New Moon dance🧚💃🌹
on the portal day 9/9

🌹beautiFUL Wom@n
you are very welcome to join us in and around the woods .. in the home & wisdom of nature ..
to a dance ceremony with the beautiful Virgin Goddess New Moon energy of grounding, wholeness, personal power…

The Virgin/Maiden archetype is pure, fresh, divine, rising, enthusiastic, powerful, authentic, flowering, playful.. She is confident in her skin. She magnetizes. She is YOU standing firmly inside your own power.

🌹Women are deeply connected with the rhythms of the moon. The new moon is a time of new beginnings. Inviting us to retreat within. To take the journey inward, feeling in to where we are and where we wish to go. To ReBirth..
When women come together, magic happens..

🌹A danceceremony in Divine Flow, honoring our Body as a vessel for Divinity. A prayer of dance and movement.
Sinking your feet into the Earth. Allowing yourself to feel connected to the Source energy within and all around you. Feeling your innate power. Knowing you are whole.
And then from this place, riding the waves of the Virgo New Moon. Bringing fresh energy into your life, and break any generational cycles that no longer need to be active in your life.

🌹More about the Virgo new moon..
Virgo is represented by the virgin-goddess. Virgin implies independence, inner strength, and the freedom to do as one pleases.
The Virgin Goddess, Virgo, is whole and complete in her own right. She carries the strength of all she needs to live a whole, happy, and hearty life.
Virgo’s ability to connect with her higher self, listens to the needs of her body, and follow her heart while staying grounded,
Virgin Goddess reminds us, we always have the strength to listen to the truth and wisdom of our higher self.
We remember the grounding force of Virgo energy that holds this New Moon.
Knowing that we are always whole. We are the entire Universe manifesting in a human shell. We are complete and we need nothing outside of ourselves in order to tune in and connect with this powerful reservoir of Source energy that lives within.
Virgo energy teaches us that we are Source, we are the Universe, we are One with all of it, and when we can recognize that, we can tune in and connect with the power that comes along with it.
We can find our personal power and know that no storm is ever too wild for us to move through. ~ Forever Conscious

🌹More about the 9/9 portal day..
The meaning and significance of the number 9 runs deep, it represents everything and nothing all at the same time. It is the whole circle and the empty space that is inside of it.
and then…. Thursday ✨✨✨✨✨✨
On the 9th day of the 9th month, we can tap into the wisdom of the number 9 and tune into its vibration. We can tune into the totality of who we are, the Universe, and the vast emptiness as well. ~ Forever Conscious
<3 “When emptiness is still, that is eternity. When it moves that is love.”– Adyashanti <3

When women come together, MAGIC happens!! ❤

@We will ride the waves of ❤
Sacred Shamanic Priestess Ritual
Sacred Selflove
Womb wisdom
Sensual awakening
Sacred movement, breath, voice
Conscious free sacred dancejouney
Magic & Mysteries dreamtime
Amazing music from around the world

Welcome to arrive around or before 12.44h! We will start with a small picknick~get together in the sunshine at the grassfield at the edge of the forest.. to enjoy our homemade small food & share it if you wish🙂
If you feel like it.. Otherwise please arrive by 13.13h
We will start the danceceremony at 13.30h.
The Ceremony will end at around 16.15h. We will then have a sweet closing from 16.15-16.44h Please inform me if you need to leave earlier!

to nurture our bodies:
-Fresh herbal tea & healthy sweets
-organic oils / rosewater / earth clay & colors

– blanket
– bottle of water
– cup for the tea
– a wide skirt or dress in which you feel free, beautiful, feminine
– symbols for the altar
– candle in a glass
– instrument if you wish
– homemade small food
– anything else you need

– 28 ~ 33 euro (flowing scale)
– adjusted investment for minimum income / student ticket / or any other situation (pm me for info & please do not hesitate!! we wish to make it possible for any woman to join!)

Registration on beforehand
We will have a max. number of places!
please send me a PM or mail ( to register!
you will then receive further info

a beautiful private woods
a powerful and magical place
in Hamme (Belgie)

Feel free to invite your sisters

And if you have any questions please PM me

a loving & warm welcome

Marjon is gracefully guiding from her wisdom, heart & spirit. She is deeply connected with her body in sensuality, senses, joy… She creates a sacred space for women to connect with their divinity, passion, their beautiful body, to freely express themselves. To follow their inner divine flow. She connects with the beauty & power of nature.

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