Ascension * Magickal dance & ritual in the Woods

26 mei 2022 @ 11:00 – 14:00
welcome on this day of Ascension
in the power of nature ❤ a sacred place in the Woods
connecting with our beautiful temple body, our free spirit, roots & pacha mama ❤
rising into the golden light, the space of our hearts, our higher self, the universe
* in dance, silence, ritual, connection, nature, love & light *

we will start with a Shamanic ritual to connect with the spirits of the Universe.
then slowly opening into our dance of liberation, freedom, light, love, magick & mystery… unity, abundance.. infinite potential

* welcome sisters & brothers *
to dance into Magick, Light & Freedom
*~*~* ~*~
we will create a powerful altar of sacred symbols from nature, crystals, light objects, flowers…
welcome to bring your drum or other instruments
near Hulst (info at your registration)
we will go into a silent beautiful & powerful place in the woods. a place where we can dance barefoot on the soft earth
between the holy magical rising birch trees & enjoying the sun in the open grass field
welcome at 10.44h
we will start with the ritual at 11h
after the dance at around 13h
if you love to.. we will enjoy tea, sweets & being in nature ❤ in the soft grass, between the trees ❤ together ❤ as long as you wish…
Energetic investment:
23 euro – payment in advance to reserve your beautiful sacred place
25 euro at the day of the dance (if still places available…)
Included: Herbal tea, fruit water & a healthy sweet
Registration on beforehand (max nr of places)
send me a mail or pm to join!
you will then receive further info
love & light

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