Full Moon dance & World Wide Water Ceremony in the Woods

5 mei 2023 @ 19:00 – 21:15

Full moon in Scorpio with Lunar Eclipse ~ 5:5 portal ~  Day of Freedom

A joyful beautiful ceremonial evening at the woods & small lake, honoring & connecting with the waters & the earth
Diving deeper within, connecting with the waters in our body, the waters of Gaia, the oceans and source.
Sharing our love & care for mother Earth & the holy waters.

Tuning into our highest frequency, to connect with the web of light of Gaia, the message of the Sacred Waters.
With a healing dance ceremony in the woods, a water ritual at one of the small beautiful lakes in the woods. Heart Frequency Music, healing sounds, mantra’s, meditation .. guiding us towards deeper silence within ourselves, and letting all flow, and deepening into connection

And for the Indians, the Water symbolizes new Life, with which our crops grow and are like 
the tears of Mother Earth

The water element 

Full Moon in Scorpio
The full moon in Scorpio, the water element, also the planet Saturn just moved in the sign of Pisces and will be there for the next three years. That means the biggest lessons will take place in the water sign: emotions, dreams, archetypes, mysticism, myths and the collective subconscious.

Saturn in Pisces
Saturn moving from Aquarius into Pisces means we will have to find out, but one of the aspects of water is that we are all connected. The collective subconscious is going to show itself, but it is also a time when we can make long-held dreams manifest.

Sedna, Water goddess
We were also struck by the presence of the mythological figure of Sedna, Inuit water goddess of the seas and water animals. Not only in our own lives, but also in the stars. The planetoid Sedna is coming closest to our solar system in her long 11.400 year cycle and that means we will encounter her energies the coming years, as she is also moving from Taurus to Gemini next June.

The world wide Water Ceremony is an initiative from Ton van der Kroon (Netherlands), calling us to come together worldwide on May 5, to honor the Waters.

You are welcome to join us!

Energetic donation: 22 euro

Location: in the Woods near Hulst (Nl.)
Will be communication after your registration

Registration on beforehand!
send a mail to marjon@dansdoorhetleven.com

Please bring with you
music instruments, botlle of water, towel

love & flowing welcome,


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