Zensual Nia® ~ Yin & Yang soulful dance

Zensual Nia® ~ Yin & Yang soulful dance
Wednesday, December 4th, 19.30-20.45u, Hulst

Welcome to this special Nia® sensational body & soul dance
Slow down in your dance ~ a movement meditation
With beautiful conscious choreography & intuitive freedance. Connecting with your body’s wisdom ♥
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Be seduced by the music as you dive deeper into moving your body.. Sense each move in its fullness..Moving your body & awaken in your senses & magic.

All women & men welcome! No experience needed

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We slow down, relaxing deep into our body, guided by our body’s intelligence. Becoming aware of feelings and body sensations; awakening pleasure in your body. Moving your sensual joints, breathing deeper, creating space in your body & awakening in your consciousness ♥
From there we will expand our dance into the space, awakening in our conscious power & expression.
We will end relaxing on the earthfloor.
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We will dance with easy choreographed conscious moves and intuitiive freedance ~ with beautiful dances & music from all over the world. Aboriginal beats, Arabic melodies, sensual vocals & more..

This dance experience is inspired from Classic Nia® & Na® Moving to Heal. Nia® is movement for your Body, Heart, Soul & Spirit
Nia is the creative expression of dance, the power of the martial arts, and the consciousness of the healing arts,
Nia® Moving to Heal is movement as medicine. Slowing down, listening to the voice of body sensation. The more you relax in your body, the powerful you are ♥

Date: Wednesday, December 4, 19.30-20,45h

Location: Cultureel Centrum den Dullaert, Sportlaan 24, Hulst
Beautiful space, wooden floor, velvet curtains..

12 euro
8 euro with Nia card & aanZ member
with Nia lesson card: + additional cash payment (total of 12 euro)

Please let me know if you will be there
Mail me: marjon@dansdoorhetleven.com or send a pm
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***What to bring
clothes in which you feel comfortable
bottle of water

If you have any questions, please do let me know!

Thank you for sharing this info!

A warm & loving welcome
❤ Marjon
Nia® Holistic dance teacher
SuryaSoul® DanceOfLife teacher
Sacred Feminine Dance