We move, we shine, we dance, we sing, we meditate and include!
When we let joy sing with our hearts

Liberate your Heart & Soul ♥ three DanceExperiences
SuryaSoul® DanceOfSoma
SuryaSoul® DanceOfSpirit
SuryaSoul® DanceOfLife
Experience a beautiful guided & free dance journey of individual expression and commUnity celebration with joy and heart connection.

SuryaSoul® is a conscious embodied Dance & Meditation Lifestyle Practice
SuryaSoul® is based on the Chakra system (=the 7 energy centers)
SuryaSoul® integrates the ancient foundations and life philosophies of Tao and Yoga
SuryaSoul® includes inspiring rhythms and music tunes from all around the world
SuryaSoul® is a gateway to the mysteries of life
SuryaSoul® creates an effective system for health and growth

Every class or session is based on a specific map, leading the journey through one or more chakras.

Chakra related movements, music, visualizations and meditations will support our development towards a healthier and more fulfilled life through the body and soul.

Let the Dance Of Life with the rainbow colors of the Chakras become our human path to let our soul shine into the world.

The healing combination of Sound and Movement will bring focused clarity to the mind and energized relief to the body.

Every principle, idea, technique and exercise is designed to manifest the spirit of unity and foster community building. A movement for peace, health, joy, success, healing, love, well being and creativity to manifest our unique and common true essence in the world

Dancing together in a SuryaSoul® class has nothing to do with the way we look,
and everything to do with the way we feel!

creators of SuryaSoul®: Philippe Beaufour & Sabine Zweig