Dance Your Prayer ~ SuryaSoul®DanceOfSpirit ~ you are the music!

Dance Your Prayer ~ SuryaSoul®DanceOfSpirit ~ you are the music!

Pinksteren, zondag 9 juni, 10.45 - 12.15h Hulst

♥ Welcome to this SuryaSoul®DanceOfSpirit ♥ A Dance Poetry
Dance your Prayer on Sundaymorning ~ You are the Music!
all welcome!

Welcome beautiful dancer to come together to move, shine, dance, sing, meditate and include!
To move freely & barefoot through the dance space

***SURYASOUL® - a Dance Of Life - is a conscious embodied Dance, Movement & Meditation practice based on the Chakra's (the 7 energy centers), the Tao and Integral Yoga philosophies. It includes inspiring rhythms and music from all genres.

Inspiring Spirit Body Mudras, Chants and Meditation on the Dance Floor. We meet our inner space - truth - through a gentle and dynamic movement journey, trusting the impulse to manifest and share it within the community.

Experience a beautiful guided & open conscious dance journey of individual expression and commUnity celebration with joy and heart connection. With spirit mudra's to guide & inspire your dance. We meet our inner space with a gentle and dynamic dance journey. We open into the outer space; connect and unite with all. We will activate all chakra's (energy centers) with focus on the throat chakra. The throat chakra reconnects us with our self-expression, our truth, creativity, sounding & breathing.

***For who?
all women & men who love music, dance & beyond

16 euro
14 euro voor DansdoorhetLeven leden (geldige strippen/lessenkaart/ aanZ member)
13 euro for dancers with social income

***What to wear
comfortable clothes (layers)
option to wear blue (throat chakra)

***Bring with you
symbol & candle for the altar

If you have questions, please let me know.

♥ welcome
Marjon van Dorsselaer
Nia¢ç cert. Blue Belt teacher
SuryaSoul®DanceOfSoma&Spirit teacher

- conscious open dance poetry with individual and collective expression & creativity
- inspiring rhythms and music from all genres
- spirit mudra's to inspire your dance
- when listening is the inspiration for dancing
- a music embodiment where movement is a sacred ritual
- a dive into the space of sound and the infinite of silence
- when presence becomes the door of awareness
- the adventure of moving in and out of the 7 Dance Fields / Chakra's
- the heart as the dancefloor of the soul
- barefoot dancing * no talking on the dancefloor * communicating through our hearts & souls