Sacred Goddess Dance in the Temple @ Paradiso ~ divine sense-ual retreat

7 november 2021 @ 13:44 – 17:44
welcome beautiful Goddess
to come together in beauty, dance, ritual, love, nourishment & beyond..
in a beautiful Paradise on earth 💖☀🌿
a temple of dance
a garden of beauty
a place to re~treat our selves
🌿the dance
The temple is inviting us to relax into our beautiful bodies, our womb space, to soften and ground. Into our magic & mystery.
To remember our dance of heaven & earth. We will dance ancient hand mudra’s, free our hips, sensual, divine, wild, free.. letting our bodies breathe, flow, shake, surrender..
Igniting our love, fire, light.. divine essence
We will nourish our bodies and hearts with massage, sweet oils.. sharing & receiving
Enjoying flower herbal teas, with fresh fruits & nature food
🌿purifying & wellness…
there is a Sauna cave and a pool…to end the day ~ for the women who would love to join.. to surrender to deep heat, and afterwards couraegously jump in the gardenpool…
tickets till November 4 ❤ 35 euro
after November 4 ❤ 44 euro
low budget tickets available! pm me for info ❤
extra option sauna ❤ 10 euro
🌹register on beforehand! max. nr of seats
send a mail to or a pm
welcome at 13.44, we start at 14h with the ritual
we will end with tea and fresh fruits at around 17.17h
after 17.44h to enjoy Sauna~time! and further nature food afterwards
Paradiso in Bassevelde, Belgium
A magical place with Temple of dance, beautiful garden, pool & sauna cave
(address will be sent at your registration)
flower herbal teas
fresh fruits
essential oils
🌹please bring with you
*bottle of water
*dress, skirt in which you feel beautiful & free
*soft blanket
*sacred Goddess symbols for the altar
*fruits from nature to share
if you join the sauna time
* two blankets
❤ please invite your sistars if you feel like
if you have any questions, please let me know!
p.s. no C-passport etc…. needed ❤
very welcome ❤ ❤
love to see you!

🌹Marjon is gracefully guiding from her wisdom, heart & spirit. She is deeply connected with her body in sensuality, senses, joy… She creates a sacred space for women to connect with their divinity, passion, their beautiful body, to freely express themselves. To follow their inner divine flow. She connects with the beauty & power of nature. With eachother. The dances are transforming, empowering, awakening..

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