Ocean Goddess dance in the Woods

3 september 2021 @ 12:00 – 16:30
dear beautiFUL Wom@n
🌊✨🔥🌳 🌊 you are very welcome to join us in and around the woods .. in the home & wisdom of nature .. in your inner ocean.. rooting in mother earth, flowering open in the light of the sun 🌊✨🔥🌳 🌊 …. a calling home ….
A danceceremony in Divine Flow, honoring our Body as a vessel for Divinity. A prayer of dance and movement. Grounding, rebirthing, embodying. Radiating love and expanding into something New ❤
🌊✨🔥 Sensual Loving Sacred Flowing Wild & Free 🌊✨🔥
Surrendering to your Magic & Mysteries
Your loving powerful heart, your free flowing wisdom, your beautiful wise body. Rising into your power, your infinity ❤
Discovering your gifts.. and all that wants to be birthed, awakened..
It is time..
When women come together, MAGIC happens!!
Deeply re-connecting nature ❤ returning to our true nature
Freeing & Remembering…who we truly are ❤
@playfulness @wisdom @sisterhood @inner power @divine flow @expansion @rebirthing @magic & mystery @true connection @remembering @embodying @rising
@We will freely enjoy in Divine Flow ❤
Sacred Shamanic Priestess Ritual
Sacred Selflove
Womb wisdom
Sensual awakening
Sacred movement, breath, voice
Conscious free sacred dancejouney
Magic & Mysteries dreamtime
Amazing music from around the world
Welcome to arrive around 12h ! We will start with a small picknick in the sunshine! at the grassfield near the fireplace.. to enjoy our homemade small food & even share it 🙂
If you feel like it.. Otherwise please arrive by 12.44h
We will start the danceceremony at 13h.
The Ceremony will end at around 16h. Then we will have a sweet closing from 16-16.30h Please inform me if you need to leave earlier!
to nurture our bodies:
-Fresh herbal tea
-organic oils / rosewater / earth clay & colors
– blanket
– bottle of water
– cup for the tea
– a wide skirt or dress in which you feel free, beautiful, feminine
– symbols for the altar
– candle in a glass
– instrument if you wish
– homefood small food
– anything else you need
– 28 ~ 33 euro (flowing scale)
– adjusted investment for minimum income / student ticket / or any other situation (pm me for info & please do not hesitate!! we wish to make it possible for any woman to join!)
Registration on beforehand
We will have a max. number of places!
please send me a PM or mail (marjon@dansdoorhetleven.com) to register!
you will then receive further info
in a beautiful private woods
a powerful and magical place!
in Hamme (Belgie)
Feel free to invite your sisters
And if you have any questions please PM me
a loving & warm welcome
Marjon is gracefully guiding from her wisdom, heart & spirit. She is deeply connected with her body in sensuality, senses, joy… She creates a sacred space for women to connect with their divinity, passion, their beautiful body, to freely express themselves. To follow their inner divine flow. She connects with the beauty & power of nature

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