Kundalini Divine Dance Ritual

7 april 2024 @ 11:00 – 12:30

A shamanic, divine, tantric, sound, breath and movement journey
deeply connect with your Wild Divine Nature ~ your Essence

**** a joyful, alive & magickal journey * a celebration of Heaven & Earth within ****

welcome! at this special first edition & exploration!

This is a wonderful dancejourney to discover your true nature, magickal connection with heaven & earth, and healing power. Moving with the energies of Earth ~ the Divine Feminine, and the Sky ~ the Divine Masculine, we come into balance, harmony, love, true power and wholeness.

Kundalini is the serpent like, life force energy at the base of your spine, lying dormant. When this energy is awakened, you experience your energy in heightened, transcendental ways, awakening your untapped potential.

We embody the Sacred Union within, with others, and the Divine Source of Life. Out of the mind, into the body and heart, and tapped into the flow of energy. Your body knows what it needs to do to heal itself, so trust and let your body go with the rhythm of your breath and dance yourself awake. Dance and release yourself from the cultural trance. Dance and remember who you are. Dance and release that which you are not. Free your body and you free your mind and remember that you are Divine.
through Sacred Movement, Qigong, Ecstatical Dance, Breathing, Sounding, …

A journey through all chakra’s. Grounding ourselves into the core of the earth’s energy and then rising that energy up through all of our chakras to awaken our inner power.  When you are connected to the fluid energy current, your nervous system relaxes and you begin to feel more relaxed, and creatively resourceful. You then begin to breath more and your whole body starts unwinding, muscles relax, your womb/hara gets warm and your deep heart begins to smile. Tapping into your hidden super power, truly.  Your creative energy will begin to flow, igniting the deep desires of your soul. Our soul desire, is our destiny that which we are destined to experience in this life.

♡ Welcome to be, explore, awaken & rise. Express yourself as you are. Enjoy the freedom of your dance & the beautiful music ♡

~ * ~* ~* ~ * ~* ~* ~ * ~* ~* ~ * ~* ~* ~

♡ investering
speciale early bird voor deze eerste editie!
t/m 30 maart:  18 euro
vanaf 31 maart: 22 euro
dag zelf:  26 euro

♡ vooraf inschrijven
stuur een mailtje naar marjon@dansdoorhetleven.com om je in te schrijven.
je ontvangt dan verdere betalingsinfo

♡ locatie danstempel
we dansen in de prachtige theaterzaal
met houten vloer, fluwelen gordijnen
adres: Cultureel Centrum den Dullaert, Sportlaan 24 Hulst
welkom om 10.50 uur

♡ meenemen
sacred symbols voor het altaar
flesje water
kleding waarin je vrij in beweegt

♡♡♡♡ Welkom!

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