2020 Soul Creation with Sacred Dance & Soul Flow Collage

2020 Soul Creation with Sacred Dance & Soul Flow Collage
Sunday February 9, 13-16.30h, Hulst

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A sacred conscious dance journey where we let go of the old, of what no longer serves us.. creating space for the new, for our true desires, our truth of why we are here.. to focus on what is really important. Embodying your intention for 2020, your highest YES.. what makes your heart beat faster, your soul shine..

You will envision this on a large cardboard.. creating from your heart & soul.. with images, pictures, words.. coming together on your collage.. to give you clarity, inspiraton & insights for 2020 ♥ a powerful, joyful & loving manifestation for 2020 ♥

This is also the day of the Full Moon!

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Op deze heerlijke middag, in de flow van dans, beweging & creatie..

♡❀♡ Graag meenemen
A3 karton/dik papier of.. waarop je je collage kunt maken
deken (voor tijdens stilte/meditatie/visualisatie)
evt. lijm, schaar, tijdschriften, afbeeldingen
flesje water

♡❀♡ Aanwezig
meditatiekussens, matjes, water, Happinez magazines

♡❀♡ Locatie
Cultureel Centrum den Dullaert, Theaterzaal
Sportlaan 24, Hulst (the Netherlands)
We creëren een sacred space..intiem om te creëren en tegelijkertijd ruimtelijk om te dansen

♡❀♡ Je investering/Inschrijven
Voor dit evenement VOORAF INSCHRIJVEN!!
vroegboeking t/m 21-1: 29 euro
na 21-1: 35 euro

Schrijf je in door een mail te sturen naar marjon@dansdoorhetleven.com

Iedereen welkom!! geen ervaring nodig in dans of kunstzinnig creëren 🙂

Heb je vragen? Stuur me een berichtje!

Welkom ♡❀

SuryaSoul®DanceOfLife teacher
Nia® Certified Holistic Dance teacher
Sacred Feminine Dance

” 2020 is a number 4 year in numerology. Number 4 represents returning home to the self. It is a number that guides us to go within in order to feel whole, balanced, and aligned with our true selves.
This year, we may feel called to align deeper with our soul calling and to find ways to create a sense of comfort in our skin and with our lives, no matter what is happening around us. 2020 is a time for us to master self-care, in whatever way resonates with us. It is a time to really focus on looking after our needs and learning the signs and clues our body gives us when we are doing too much or not aligning with our highest values and truth. By checking in to see if our actions and words align with these chosen values, we can help to stay true to ourselves and true to what it is we want to create for ourselves in this lifetime.While there is still room to achieve our own personal goals, 2020 also brings this sense that when we think of the collective greater good, we can feel more purposeful and more aligned in our own lives too.” ~ foreverconscious.com