Sacred Dance ~ Into your Body ~ for Gods & Goddesses

A Magical journey to deeply connect with your body
woensdag, 12 juni, 19.45-21.15 uur, Hulst

Awaken & root in your earth, water & sun chakra's
Connecting with the heart, your heart warrior
Awaken your instincts, birth in the power of your body ~ ROOT & RESTORE
Release tension
Connect with the primal earth force
The marriage of your spirit, soul & body

Dancing Body mudra's | Deep breathing | Awaken movements | Movement & Dance meditation journey

***For who?
all women & men

16 euro
14 euro voor DansdoorhetLeven leden (geldige strippen/lessenkaart/ aanZ member)
13 euro for dancers with social income

***What to wear
comfortable clothes (layers)
option to wear red, orange & yellow (earth, water, sun chakra)

***Bring with you
symbol from nature & candle for the altar

If you have questions, please let me know.

♥ welcome
Marjon van Dorsselaer
Nia¢ç cert. Blue Belt teacher
SuryaSoul®DanceOfSoma&Spirit teacher