Full Moon Goddess Women’s Temple

Wednesday, November 13, 19.45-21.45h

Beautiful Woman, Sister, Goddess
Welcome into the Full Moon * Goddess Women’s Temple * Deep Nourishment
A feminine oasis where we connect with our own bodies and each other, with the magic of the full moon.. a nourishing space to melt into.
Re-awakening into your self-love & bliss ~ rooting in your Temple Body ~ embodying your Goddess

??? ???? ????
We will bath in the magic energy of this Full Moon. This moon falls in the earth sign Taurus; the sun in the water sign Scorpio ♥

Women are naturally deeply connected with the rhythm of nature. When the moon is full it is in its full power. For women this is a time to meet the power in themselves. To Celebrate and let go of what you no longer need. The full moon energy is powerful, magical and nourishing in feminine energy. Every full moon has its own power. By tuning in to the moon as a woman you will connect with your own natural flow and feminine essence. Coming home in your body & soul ♥

??? ??????? ?????’? ?????? ~ Deep Nourishment
We are exploring a sacred and real way of gathering together, being in ’the temple of feminine flow’. Here we tap into the space of No-mind through connecting with our OWN bodies and EACHOTHER,
a truly nourishing space to melt into for the feminine heart.

During the Women’s temple, we will enter deep into our bodies and soul. Through dance, breathing, moving, touching, stretching, connecting, free flow of movement, temple practices & beyond. With beautiful inspiring music.

A safe and juicy space for us all to expand and express the full spectrum of our feminine gifts, co-create as we go.

The higher purpose of the Temple is to support a whole, healthy and fully flowering woman who embodies the love that is her deepest essence. The gift of the Temple group to the world is the allowing, embracing and giving birth to a fully expressed, divine, feminine essence.

❤ Opening
❤ Nourishing Self
❤ Sensual Hips
❤ Guided & free sacred dance expression
❤ Royal Goddess Treatment
❤ Deep Nourishing Relaxation
❤ Closing

We will enter deeper into our divine female bodies, our hips through dance, stretching, free flow of movement. Becoming one body of female divine essence through dance & movement, touch and spontaneous flow of the moment.

❤ express your feminity through your body
❤ dance beautiful body mudra’s
❤ blossom into your divine feminine essence
❤ tap into the guidance of your wisdom, your healing power
❤ balance your feminine & masculine
❤ connect with your true infinite self, your source
❤ trust your natural flow & rhythm
❤ embrace & breathe into all of you, your feelings & emotions
❤ connect with your true nature & the earth
❤ LOVE & EMBRACE your body & soul
❤ free your voice..sound, express, sing mantra’s
❤ let go, surrender
❤ slow down, soften, find your inner peace
❤ be inspired by beautiful music
❤ say YES to your highest dreams, your divine purpose & gifts
❤ awaken in your BLISS

Date: Wednesday, November 13, 19.45-21.45h
The temple door is open from 19.30h, to enter the space.
We start at 19.45h, please be on time.

Location: Cultureel Centrum den Dullaert, Sportlaan 24, Hulst
Beautiful space, wooden floor, velvet curtains.. The space feels like a womb ❤

Investment: 22 euro
Early booking; 20 euro (payment in advance by November 9)
(for social income: special investment possible, please contact me)

This Temple evening is part of the Goddess Temple Body Journey

Please let me know if you want to come and feel yourself and other women as radiant divine essence, in a vibrantly alive body.
Mail me: marjon@dansdoorhetleven.com

***What to bring
clothes in which you feel comfortable & beautiful
bottle of water
anything you might need
symbol, candle & flower for the altar

If you have any questions, please do let me know!

It would be wonderful to invite other woman you know!
Thank you for sharing this info!

A warm & loving welcome
❤ Marjon
Holistic dance teacher
Sacred Feminine Dance