SuryaSoul® RAGA dance events with creators Philippe & Sabine!

18 september 2020 @ 20:30 – 20 september 2020 @ 13:30
Sportlaan 24
Marjon van Dorsselaer

SuryaSoul® RAGA dance events with creators Philippe & Sabine!

september 18 @ 19:30 – september 20 @ 13:30

all bodies and souls welcome to dance, meditate, sound & beyond
with the creators of SuryaSoul® Philippe Beaufour & Sabine Zweig
coming to Hulst to share various dance experiences during this weekend!
at their RAGA world tour ~ dancing to the melody of life- Various attendance possibilities!!

Let us rise into our dance and meditation to the different colors of Sound and Music, called Raga. Discover the healing power of Chanting, Dancing, and Meditating. Explore the sacred Dance Ground of the ancient Indian Temple Dance, honoring the divinity within each of us. From humming to drumming and vibrating to Tibetan bowls, the influences of rhythms, sounds and melodies will allow our body and soul to regain a natural harmony. We will grow and rejuvenate with feelings of well-being, great connectedness, and deep personal transformation.SuryaSoul® – a Dance Of Life – is a conscious embodied Dance, Movement & Meditation practice based on the Chakra system (the 7 energy centers) and the Tao and Integral Yoga philosophies. It includes in-spiring rhythms and music from all genres. SuryaSoul® (surya=sun in sanskrit) creates an effective system for health and growth. We invite everyone to move towards peace – with body and soul. A journey into the resonance of the 7 Music Genres matching the 7 Chakras.


??, September 18??, ?.????-?.????
Dance Movement Meditation with an Open Dance Ritual “Raga”
into the 7 “Colors” of Music of the 7 Chakras….

??, September 19??, ????-?.????
DanceOfSoma Choreography “Raga”: choreographed and free Body Mudra Sequences of Tao, Yoga and Dance.
Brand new Tunes from all over the world, each Song is a Masterpiece of “Raga” with it true colors and ener-chi travelling through the body and its expression of melody and sound.

Express your dance and voice through the power of live Music and Chants. Every voice, every body is needed to be part of the orchestra of life.
We will enter the sacred ancient traditional Temple Dance of India through the Dance Of Hands including Ritual.

??, September 20??, ????-?.????
DanceOfSpirit “Melody of Life”
We rise to the Melody of Life from the Self to Ourselves. The Dance Poetry which is part of every human soul is an expression of Sound and Silence. We learn to listen, to vibrate from the inside out. No matter what we bring…Everybody and soul is invited to this unique exploration to evolve and energize life through the DanceOfSpirit.
Bringing back harmony to life let us express our deepest meaning and find our mantra.

FR, Sep 18th, 7.30pm-9.30pm|€ 30
SA, Sep 19th, 10am-5.30pm € 120
SU, Sep 20th, 10am-1.30pm  € 60

SA-SU: € 140 € 160
FR-SU: € 180

meals (organic/veg) available, not included

We will dance in the beautiful theater space of
Cultureel Centrum den Dullaert, Sportlaan 24, Hulst, the Netherlands

bottle of water

if you need info on possibilities for staying overnight: there are beautiful b&b’s in nature in the area
or if you need advise on transport..
please mail me: or send me a message!

Marjon van Dorsselaer | +31 114 321992

♥ welcome

Sabine & Philippe
are the creators of SuryaSoul®

They have been teaching and moving people worldwide since 2004 in workshops, retreat centers, festivals, congresses, trainings, hospitals, group and individual classes. Sabine has been living with a chronic lymphatic condition since birth which has required her to spend time in hospitals and clinics. Dance and medi- tation have become a healing journey for her after following the call of becoming an inspiration for many people through movement and dance events. She is also an architect and de- signer by profession. Philippe traveled to India when he was 28 years old to start a new life in Auroville, the international project on human unity created in 1968. Trained in Taoist martial arts, his vision is to connect these movement forms to music. They are living in Auroville, India and Europe for more than 24 years. Join their shining Love for the DanceOfLife.